Concrete Pendant Lighting Collection

As designers it is our obligation to respond to the escalating issue of waste produced by our industry through our work. In a progressive collaboration with GRC Environments, this project re-purposes valuable GRC waste into innovative lighting that illuminates the unique properties of the material whilst embodying the reuse-recycle imperative.

Two contrasting forms were chosen for the Concrete Collection. The Topaz; a faceted, monolithic form, completely asymmetrical and unique from every viewing angle, allowing a cluster of seemingly distinctive pendants, and the Taper, a subtly curvaceous impossibly slim profile that retains a large light output, achievable by the intelligent design of LED technology.

Both pendants in the collection use the latest in LED technology and are innovations in the application of GRC (lighting) as well as the manufacture of the structures themselves. Both have undercuts, requiring a custom mould process developed in-house, utilising combinations of multiple fibreglass and silicon moulds. This was imperative in the Topaz' embedded brass face. Through GRC's ability of achieving fine surface-detail, a physical timber-grain is cast into the Taper's exterior. Both techniques are industry firsts in this application, creating a sense of wonder and intrigue.

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